American made

045The Ledge features hundreds of American made items from 74 American companies. We stock and special order everything you need for your outdoor adventure or daily use.


  1. You mentioned a few years ago that you had an Austrian outdoor clothing brand that is hard to find in the US. You were one of the few retailers that had their gear…I want to say the brand began with the letter N…but I cannot find it anywhere.


    • Greetings. I’ve been digging deep to remember an Austrian brand and cannot remember one for clothing. Our current clothing line consists of Sherpa Adventure Gear from Nepal ( maybe this one ?, Outdoor Research (US), Mountain Equipment (England). Bergan’s of Norway was a main line but has since left the North American market. Wish I could offer more help. Thank you for inquiring.


  2. I was there at your store last weekend looking at the Eddyline kayaks specifically the Rio. You were very low in stock and thought you would be getting some additional kayaks in. I am interested in buying the Rio. Have you added to your inventory?


    • Greetings. The current Rio (red over white) and another one I’m taking into inventory are consignment boats. One is a 2017 and the other 2018. Both are in immaculate condition. The 2017 owner is asking $1250. The 2018 ( red over white as well ) will be in my store this coming week. Working on the price for it now. Any new stock is by order only until spring pre orders are delivered. Eddyline builds to order anyway. They don’t stock, so any color makeup in that series can be made as desired ( blue, red, lime, yellow or white over white. ) Just give us a call (541.882.5586 )and we can walk through any questions, or please feel free to email me at –
      Our store email for WordPress does not get much activity, so this method may get a slower response. Thank you and looking forward to helping you out!

      Sincerely, Mike Angeli – owner


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