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Do you need, or want, a kayak, canoe or paddleboard? The Ledge has the largest selection available in the Klamath Basin. If you can dream it, we can supply it. What a great gift for the holidays.


  1. Re: sparky kayak and paddle purchased at Klamath Falls horse expo in May 2016.
    My question is what is the cost for same pkg on the Sparky and paddle combo.
    Thank you


    • Greetings. We are sold out of the Sparky kayak for this season. It is being replaced by another, slightly larger kayak available this coming Spring. Thank you for the interest.


    • Greetings. I am sold out of Big Fish 105’s at the moment. I will be restocking next week. I will be able to check color availability tomorrow morning, Tuesday, as soon as the warehouse opens. Please let us know of any further questions as they come up. Thank you for asking.


  2. Greetings. We are not a Vibe Dealer. That particular kayak won’t be available until sometime in May. I recommend that you contact Dan at Headwaters Kayak in Lodi, Ca for specifics on it. He will get you dialed in well. Thank you.


      • Honestly I have no idea. I have been back and forth, but I think it makes the most sense to get the 120. I will probably go with the green one. I am in Medford and getting ready to move, so it may be a few weeks before I get to make the trip. Do you guys demo these?


    • Greetings. I have been out until yesterday. That being said, they were just delivered to my warehouse 6 hours from here. All colors are available but I could not have them here by Saturday unfortunately. I could have them by early next week. Just advise how we could proceed. Thank you.


    • Greetings. We will be carrying the 108’s when they become available. Just having the availability conversation with our Rep. recently, we are hoping to see them early Fall, possibly September. The will be $1799.


    • Greetings! I do not have one in immediate stock, however, I have the Lure 2 available in lime and winter (grey) camo for sure. Possibly a desert or navy camo too, but would have to physically check the warehouse. Just let us know and we can get you dialed in to what you need. Thank you!


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