Welcome to the world of community-minded entrepreneurship, where customer service and local stewardship are our hallmarks.

Stop in and:

  • Climb the walls
  • Purchase some outdoor gear
  • Rent a paddleboard, kayak, snowshoes or ski


    • Greetings. We offer day passes and 10 visit punch cards. Passes range from $14 for adults, $8 for children. Punch cards are $40. Both include rental shoes. Thank you.


    • We do. We are closed on weekends now, so any rentals for Saturday or Sunday have to be full weekend rentals. They are $75 for weekends. During the week we do single day rentals at $50.


    • Greetings. Sorry for the delayed response. Very few messages come this way. We respond quickly to calls and messages via Facebook. The Yeti’s Lair is and will remain closed until further notice. It is cost prohibitive to open under current conditions. Thank you for your patience and asking.


  1. Hey there, do you guys do any climbing lessons? My family and I haven’t climbed before but want to get into it. We have no clue where to start.


    • Greetings. Our climbing gym is closed, without no known re-opening date because of current conditions. It is cost prohibitive at this point. Lessons would fall under the same. Our store, The Ledge, is fully open and has or can provide outdoor gear, climbing equipment, shoes, etc. please keep this in mind to help support local business. This is our primary means of income. As for climbing, the best route locally to check into would be a group of climbers connected socially on Facebook – Klamath Climbers. Please contact Winston Mueller for information on that site. Otherwise, feel free to drop in and we can help steer you in the right direction. Thank you. Mike.


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